Friday, May 6, 2011

Optimum Live TV app for android COMING SOON!

Today i received an email in response to my question whether or not the app is in the works....where you can watch live tv from your android device (currently on ipad only) and sure enough....a developer at optimum took the time out and responded "An android version of the live TV app is in the works. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. Information will be announced as it's available."

It's only a matter of time, Honeycomb is coming.....and it's coming strong.

Heres a recap of the app:

Now your Honeycomb tablet will function as an additional TV in the home. With the Optimum for Android app you can view your iO TV channels live, control your DVR and enhanced Guide display from your Wi-Fi-enabled Honeycomb Tablet. This app provides another screen for you to use in your home and allows you to move around your home while watching all of your favorite shows on iO TV.


  1. it's awesome to see that you got someone to respond about the app, but its been over a year and in that time you can now watch it on your laptop, but still nothing for Android

  2. This is a joke. How long do we have to wait. Seems like we have preferential treatment to apple and pc products. I love optimum, but this is close to deal breaker. Yes I own ipads, iphones, android phones, and soon to be Google nexus 7.